Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random Things I Like to Watch On YouTube: #1

I could seriously sit for hours, watching random videos on YouTube. Pretty much anything you can think of that you might possibly want to watch, somebody has posted on YouTube. It's crazy! Luckily for me, I don't have a whole lot of spare time, so it isn't often that I get to sit and goof off with it. However, I do have a strange collection of videos that I watch over and over. This particular video is from the 2010 Grammy Awards, which I saw when it was on television, and I was fascinated by Pink's performance. I think part of my fascination comes from my secret burning desire to have an amazing singing voice (which I do not have!) and perform in front of an adoring crowd. Since that will never happen, I'll just watch Pink do it instead.

Please heed my warning: if you are the least bit offended by nearly-naked women who make more money, sing better, and have a better body than you or I can ever hope to have, then please, do not watch this video!


Nicky said...

Oh YouTube is such a fantastic existence - its makers had a seriously good financial brain/idea when they conjured that up. I agree with you though, it really does sink your time if you're not careful. I do like how it's become a place to get just about anything - from music videos to video play of how to unblock your sink!

Heather said...

Nicky I have tried some of the informational videos, too. There are a lot of great cooking videos.

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