Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Cure For Cabin Fever...

...or "captain fever", as Camden calls it:
  1. Boycott all housework, & head out of town for the day.

  2. Stop at our favorite cupcake store. Buy a Super Chocolate cupcake (Camden), a Black & White Mini cupcake (Griffin), a Red Hot Velvet Mini cupcake (Mummy), and a Peanut Butter Delight cupcake (a surprise for Daddy).

  3. Go to Target to look at Buzz Lightyear action figures (Camden), skate boards (Griffin), and assorted housewares (Mummy).

  4. Stop off at Starbucks on Eagle Road (mocha frappuccino...sweet nectar of the gods).

  5. Head to Gowen Field to have a visit and share lunch with Daddy.

  6. Stop at Home Depot on the way home, to purchase some bright, cheerful paint for the family room, in anticipation of the winter blahs.


Cheryl and Ashton said...

Sounds like a great day with the boys. My kids and I called them "mommy and me days". I am fortunate enough that Ashton still likes to have one occasionally. The cupcake store sounds heavenly! And a skateboard for Griffin???

Heather said...

Um...yes, I actually bought a skateboard for my 2-year baby. I may get the bad mother of the year award, but the way I rationalized it is that I can keep the boy away from all things with wheels, and he will still find a way to break a bone or get a fat lip. Sad, but true! We told him the way you ride it is to sit on it, and so far he believes us...I'm sure it won't last long though!

Cheryl and Ashton said...

I think your theory is just fine Heather! You know a child is just gonna go for it anyways...And as long as Griffin enjoys sitting on the board, what the heck! I can just imagine what the furniture, cupboards and walls will look like after he is done!

Kate said...

So what color paint did you end up picking out?

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