Monday, October 27, 2008


1. Muffin Tin Monday: Heart-shaped quesadillas, trail mix (Kashi Crunch, Cheerios, raisins, and a few chocolate chips to keep peace in the family), cottage cheese, carrots & dip, and apple slices (to see more muffin tins, go here).

2. Taking care of our nephew, Banzer, for the day. My, are these boys busy!

3. Enjoying a homemade mocha in my fancy-pants Bodum Pavina Thermo Glass. I found a never-opened box of two of these at the thrift store for $1.00....major steal.

4. Washing a never-ending pile of dirty dishes.

5. Still processing this new article about Stephanie Nielsen (photo from Nienie Dialogues)

6. Planning for Christmas ... it is only 9 weeks from now, you know.

7. Reflecting on a lovely weekend with my boys.


Cheryl and Ashton said...

Sounds like you've been busy...The muffin tin meal looks delish.

kirsten said...

where do you get those round muffin tins? Love them..

Melissa said...

I love your muffin tin ideas - I may try to implement that here soon! Just a little something to shake things up at the table. ;)

Ah Christmas...I'm starting to get in the mood. I'd love to start shopping!

Jen said...

Thank you for the link to the story about Stephanie Nielsen. I've been wondering how's she's doing. She's lucky to have such a great family

Lisa said...

I know what you mean about processing the article about the Nielsons. What a difficult journey they have ahead of them. But what an amazing family they are and a real inspiration!
Love the pictures!!

Mark said...

wow, that is a beautiful spot! teaching the boys to fish?

Heather said...

Kirsten - the round muffin tins are actually microwave muffin tins (plastic). You can find them at virtually any thrift store. I got both of them for $3 total. The boys love them for our muffin tin meals.

Melissa - we are trying to keep Christmas very simple around here this year. I'm focusing on lots of handmade ( and I'm hoping to do lots of baking, etc. I've been having a great time looking through all of my Christmas books.

Mark - Yes, Steve is teaching the boys. Griffin, not quite yet, but Camden loves to go fishing with Steve, and it getting pretty good at it!

Kayce said...

I love that round muffin tin... I'm going to have to look for those! For some reason, circles make things look more appetizing :)

Jenny in Utah said...

I will be making those quesadillas today - wonderful!

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