Saturday, March 29, 2008

Missing Nana & Papa

My folks left early this morning, and should be just about back to Maine as I type this entry. We had such a great visit with them! They are the most wonderful grandparents, and our boys are lucky. Camden woke up this morning and promptly burst into tears when he realized that Nana and Papa had gone back to Maine. He's had a rough day today, but I am keeping him busy, which always helps. It is far too quiet here without my folks around. Just knowing they were in my house was the best feeling. I can't wait until we see them again.

I have been working diligently on my kitchen, and it is coming together so nicely! I can't wait to show you all how it is turning out. I think it will be another week or so before I can do that, though, because I still have a bit of painting ahead of me. I'm a little stumped over choosing fabric for new valances, but I'm hoping I can settle on something in the next couple of days. One thing is for sure - - it is no longer dark and dreary in this kitchen. It feels so bright and cheerful, and I'm having a great time transforming it.

While my parents were here, I really had the chance to take care of myself, and it was wonderful. I'm just not good at focusing time on my own "upkeep", if you will, probably because I don't often feel as though I have the luxury/time for things like that. What a difference it made for me to have my hair cut and colored. To get to the eye doctor for an exam and pick out some new glasses. To get away for a night with Steve. To treat myself to an hour-long massage. To go on long walks with my mother. I'm so grateful to my mom and dad for the support they provide me with - - they are wonderful parents and grandparents. Thanks, Mum and Dad - - we miss you very, very much.


Cheryl said...

Can't wait for photos of your updated kitchen. What a difference a little paint can make!
I can only imagine the emptiness you all feel that your parents have gone home. Wonderful that you got some "me" time Heather-you deserve it. Funny how we push ourselves to the background with families...I am still laughing to myself over "George"-that photo is priceless!

Melissa said...

It is hard, living so far away from family, not having that constant contact in so many ways. But it certainly does make you appreciate the visits that much more!

Anonymous said...

Glad you were able to have time with and without your parent's i dont get that in ny at all! With work, kids and with being married and dealing with ex's and all Im glad you had the "me time " as i would die for that !!!!

Do I hear "starbucks" calling you in this time of paine? :-)

cousin Janet

Jean said...

G'day from Melbourne, Heather. Glad you had a good visit with your folks and that they got back home safely and soundly.

Love, Aunt Jean

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