Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Come on Over! We Have Plenty of Crazy to Go Around.

Just in case you may be under the false impression that all of our days are spent crafting, baking, and making costumes, let me share a few tidbits from our day yesterday:
  • One child, who shall remain nameless (*ahem* the older one) throws a massive temper tantrum in the middle of the local library. Result: mortified mother drags him out to the car by his ear
  • This same child returns home and proceeds to crunch his baby brother's hand in the back of the bathroom door (oh yes, the part near the hinges). Unfortunately, the sound of his brother wailing didn't clue him in as to what was going on - - he pulled and pulled and PULLED until his mother physically removed him from the door knob.
  • Mother is so horrified by the sight of her baby's hand (seriously, folks, the crease was so deep and so purple that his hand appeared to be bent backwards, in a highly grotesque fashion) that she spits the half chewed sandwich that was in her mouth at the time, onto the floor of the laundry room. Only later that day, when she nearly stepped in said sandwich tidbits, did she realize what she'd done.
  • Mother nearly loses her marbles after listening to oldest son say, for the umpteenth time, "Mummy, here's what happens on The Lion King" and then proceeds to monologue for a never-ending amount of time.
  • At the end of the day, mother makes the executive decision to feed children early, and then send them off to their bedroom with a DVD, so as to eat dinner in peace, without having to repeatedly say, "Calm down!" or, "Eat your dinner!", or, "Mind your manners!" which of course could have potentially led to her head exploding.

Alas, today is a new day (thank goodness!). On our agenda today: A trip to the pediatrician to have Griffin's mangled hand inspected.


melissa said...

Ok - now I know that your household is "normal!" ;) As normal as mine at least... Wait. mine may not be normal at all! Ha!

Anyhow, I hope you are fully recovered from the flu - it sounds like you certainly need all the energy you can get!

Lisa said...

Katie's little hand got smooshed the same way when she was little. Only, I was the one who was closing it in the door! Talk about horror! I hope Griffin's little hand feels better soon. I hope today is easier :)

Joy said...

What a horrific experience for Grifffin - and you!!!

Hope the doc appt goes well today.

Oh, I love the library visual with you pulling Camden out by his ear. I've been thinking I'm the only one who still does this form of motherly torture to her children. Remember, where the ear goes, the body follows. This works with HUGE 17 year old boys, too. Just file that for 12 years down the road. Well, maybe not that long as you can use it every year in between there. For those of you who have girls, it works on them, too. All ages. You don't have to pull nearly as hard on them, they learn faster to just follow. Perhaps an earring thing?

Jen said...

Poor little guy! I hope his hand is ok, and that you are able to keep your sanity for at least one more day.

Heather said...

Joy - I didn't *actually* drag him out by his ear, however Steve is a big fan of the ear method. Luckily he does not have to use it often!

We are back from the doctor, and Griffin's hand is intact, although the poor boy is a bit traumatized - - I don't know anyone who dislikes a visit to the doctor more than my Griffin! You would have thought the doctor had removed the poor boy's fingernails, the way he wailed.

Hi Jen! Welcome and I am glad to see you here. I was so excited to see your blog because I am also interested in photography and it looks as though I could learn quite a bit from you!

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