Saturday, March 01, 2008

50 Things About Me

I've seen a list such as this on many, many blogs. I've never taken the time to sit down and do it, but since I'm banished to my bed today, I thought I'd give it a shot.

  1. My middle name is my mother's maiden name. My brother and my oldest son have this same middle name, too.
  2. When I was very small, I once wrote to President Reagan. He wrote back.
  3. I hate touching raw chicken. It totally grosses me out.
  4. For years, I've had a recurring dream/nightmare that the University of Maine has contacted me, to inform me that I never really graduated.
  5. When I was little, my dad use to make popcorn and shake it up in a bag with powdered cheese. It is one of my fondest childhood memories.
  6. I've climbed Mt. Katahdin (with my dearest friend, Jen)
  7. Even though I am uncomfortable/scared of heights.
  8. I use to think the Wicked Witch of the West was under my bed at night.
  9. I have each earlobe pierce 3 times, although I haven't worn earrings in the third holes in years.
  10. I had my belly button pierced when I was in Maine in 2005. I had to take it out when I got pregnant with Griffin.
  11. I won't be getting it pierced again, because after having hernia surgery last year, I no longer have a belly button.
  12. No, I won't show you.
  13. I love black licorice, black jelly beans, and Black Jack chewing gum.
  14. I use to play the trumpet.
  15. I do not like flying in an airplane. At all.
  16. I don't like to drive at night. Especially if it is raining.
  17. I do not like having to wear glasses.
  18. I have one sibling, an older brother.
  19. I love blue cheese.
  20. Especially on a salad.
  21. I'm a technology idiot.
  22. I've seen Rod Stewart in concert three times.
  23. I've lived in three countries.
  24. My favorite number is three.
  25. I love to cook.
  26. I love baking even more.
  27. I was 29 years old when I got married.
  28. The farthest distance I've ever run without stopping is 6.2 miles (10K). My dream is to complete a half-marathon (and maybe even a marathon, someday).
  29. I feel weird if I don't have my toenails painted.
  30. I have little patience for poor customer service.
  31. I have an extremely irrational fear of vomit. I recently learned that Matt Lauer has this same irrational fear, which makes me feel a little less like a freak, for some reason.
  32. I love sushi.
  33. I once (okay, more than once) kissed Humphrey Bogart's grandson.
  34. I do not like to "sleep in" in the morning. It makes me feel like I'm wasting my day.
  35. I've loved James Stewart for years and years. I could watch Rear Window or It's a Wonderful Life over and over.
  36. My favorite scene in It's a Wonderful Life is when George Bailey is sitting in Martini's bar, crying and praying to God to show him the way - - it chokes me up every time.
  37. I am a moody person, and I'm not proud of it.
  38. The sound of another person eating crunchy food (like cereal or potato chips) makes me cringe.
  39. I have had all of my wisdom teeth extracted.
  40. I once walked into Martha Stewart's yard while she was having a garden party.
  41. I love to watch any kind of "true crime" shows, like Cold Case Files, or Dateline.
  42. I love Barbie dolls. I have a small collection of them hidden in my office
  43. It makes me angry that women can treat each other so badly.
  44. If there is an open bag of chocolate chips in my house, I have a hard time not eating them.
  45. I love lotions, potions, perfume, makeup, frills, and all things girly.
  46. I don't like waiting for a table at a restaurant. I get testy.
  47. I often fantasize about being a famous singer, although I cannot carry a tune in a bucket.
  48. I have always been fascinated with eras-gone-by.
  49. If I could change one thing about myself, it would be to be more organized and not procrastinate.
  50. I've never been as fulfilled as I am now.


Jen F said...

I love this Heather - thank you! Your creativity is inspiring : )

Cheryl said...

Really interesting to learn more about my cousin! We have more than a few things in common. Hope you are feeling better.

red106 said...

Getting to know you is fun, hope you don't mind new friends.
I still have my first Barbie, Ken and Skipper. And I do mean first, 1959! She has a long brown pony tail.

Heather said...

Jennifer - since you also knew of Mr. Bogart, then you (and Kirsten) can vouch for me, that my saying that I kissed him isn't anything to brag about, right? :) Tee hee!

Cheryl - I am STILL sick. This flu bug stinks. I cannot stand laying around, doing nothing. Hopefully I'll start feeling better tomorrow.

Hi Jacki - I'm glad you stopped by, and I love new friends. When I was little, my aunt loaned my cousin's Barbies to me for a few years...Barbie, Ken, Skipper, Midge - - the older ones are the BEST ones, in my opinion!

Lisa said...

Great list! I don't think I could come up with 50 things! And I've NEVER thought of you as moody - just fun and easy to talk to. Geez, your list makes me miss you! I wish we could get together for coffee (tea in my case) or something! HUGS~

kirsten said...

I had forgotten about you and Jamie! (Boges') Very true.
I want to hear more about the Martha Stewart party. Was it decorated it all fab'?
Loved reading your 50 things!

Jen said...

Yep, true story about Heather and Jamie Bogart. Lauren Bacall's grandson too. Who'd have thought the grandson of those two would have lived on the third floor of Gannett Hall at UMaine!

melissa said...

Interesting tidbits!! :)

Heather said...

It was when I was a nanny in East Hampton, NY. The cook (for the family I worked for) took me on a tour of the neighborhood. He was a bit eccentric, and just barged into Martha's yard (she lived behind us). I can't remember much because I was mortified that he just walked into her yard like that - - I just remember all the ladies were wearing fancy hats! I use to go on walks in the mornings, and would often run into her, walking her big Chow dogs.

Lee said...

Great list Heather, some I knew, some I didn't, thanks for sharing! I hope you're feeling better today, Em has been really sick (104 temp one day) for 4 days but seems to be on the mend now (hopefully), there is absolutely nothing worse than having your baby be so sick that all they want to do is lay on your chest (even at 14). I agree, reading your list makes me miss you more, wish you were closer so we could sit for a while and chat!

matt said...
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Mark said...

Heather, your nightmare is my reality. I did get a letter from UMaine telling me I failed to graduate. So, maybe your nightmare can now go away! You would have received a letter instead of the diploma. Trust me...

Take care,


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