Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Summer of No Pants

No, not ME....Camden. Camden will not wear pants. More specifically, he will not wear clothes. He's always had, shall we say, "nudist tendencies", but this really seems to have become an issue about three weeks ago, after Camden saw The Lion King for the first time. You'll recall that he informed me that lions only wear undies, so therefore, he was unable to put clothes on and be The Lion King. Each day, when I have the gall to tell him it is time to get dressed, I'm met with pouting. The pouting eventually leads to foot-stomping, and ends with some really forced, fake crying. Yesterday, he announced he was going outside to play. I reminded him he had to put on shorts and shoes before he went out. Pouting. Stomping. Crying. We compromised on his fireman rain boots and called it good. I had to remind myself that at least he had something on...just a few months ago, we were constantly finding Camden out in the back yard, naked as the day he was born, prancing around without a care in the world. I'd take my eyes off him for a minute and he'd strip naked. So, at least he keeps his undies on now.
At dinner last night, Camden said, "Mummy, I am the ruler of the WHOLE world (pronounced "wor-wuld" by Camden), and the whole world can feel my ruling!" He doesn't take this Lion King thing lightly, let me tell you.


Lisa said...

Maybe boxer shorts would be a good compromise. Camden would LOOK like he was wearing shorts but they would REALLY be undies :)

Joy said...

I love that he's so passionate about what he wears! He's so creative that the clothes might slow him down, I'm thinking.

That's one good thing about the country and no neighbors - clothes are optional for little ones. :)

Kate said...

I have the exact same problem with 2 of then and when I try to get some clothes on them, they tell me going naked "is the fashion".

Susan said...

Just wait a year or two and it will be totally the opposite.....I say let him enjoy it while he can. I remember our granddaughters "skinny dipping in our pool" but oh, no, not anymore.

kirsten said...

Love the photo! and it sounds like Camden has a great've got to save these photos for blackmail when he is a teenager!

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