Monday, July 23, 2007

Floating the River

Yesterday, Steve took Camden on his first canoe trip. They were gone for about two hours, floating down the Payette river. Griffin and I dropped the boys off, and the trip started with a splash as Steve attempted to get in the canoe. Camden was already in, and when Steve started to step in, he lost his balance and got a little wet! Thankfully, Camden didn't even realize what had happened, and mostly just wanted Daddy to hurry up and get in. So, off they went. They had peanut butter and jelly along the way, did some fishing, and plenty of talking, I'm sure. It is all that Camden has talked about since yesterday. He's been wanting to "build a boat" all day today, so we tried to make one out of Popsicle sticks but didn't have much luck, unfortunately.

Camden is at the age now that he and Steve are able to really start enjoying some new adventures together. Steve is such a patient father, and is so good to his boy. I'm not sure that there are words to adequately convey how attentive and involved he is. Camden and Griffin have a wonderful Dad.
Griffin was back at the doctor this morning, because he isn't quite himself, and has been rubbing at his ears again. Thankfully, they aren't infected, but are filled with fluid. Hopefully, it will disappear without becoming infected again. Poor little guy!

The library has offered me a permanent position as the Children's Program Coordinator, which is basically an extension of what I was already doing. It was only supposed to be an 8-week position, but the library board approved a proposal to have it year-round. It is perfect for me because it is just a few hours per week, most of which is done at home. I have really enjoyed preparing story time over the summer, and I'm looking forward to keeping it going. It is funny sometimes where life can lead you - - I never thought I would be doing something like this, and I'm excited to see what it might turn into, in the future.

Steve and I were talking this past weekend about our sweet Griffin Peter. We are both realizing that our little peanut seems to have a devilish streak in him. The boy is full of it. I fear I may have my hands full. He has mastered the "army crawl" and might as well be full-on crawling, because he can get anywhere he needs to go. He loves to get into everything he isn't supposed to, and then giggles when he does it. He frequently removes his own diaper, and yes, that has included one poo-filled diaper, unfortunately. Just this morning, I awoke to the sound of Velcro-ripping, and sure enough, there was Griffin, naked and giggling.


Lisa said...

Yay! For some reason Blogger is letting me post a comment!!

I LOVE the picture of Camden in the canoe! It will be fun to see and read about all the cool things your boys do with their dad as they grow up! And the picture of Griffin is priceless! He looks as if he's saying "Who me, devilish? You must be joking!" While Allison is our devilish one and she keeps me on my toes, she also fills our lives with humor and joy. I have a feeling Griffin may keep you hopping, but he'll also keep you laughing!

The library job is perfect for you! I'm sure you're great at it and apparently the library board thinks so too!

aunt Jean said...

Camden looks like he takes his fishing seriously, Heather. Great photo of him in the canoe and with his dad. Love the look of innocence on Griffin's face. You'll probably be seeing that a lot in years to come, as he waits for you to discover his latest bit of mischief. Congratulations on the library job. You'll love it, I'm sure, and be good at it.

kirsten said...

Congrats on the library job- sounds like a great opportunity and lots of fun!
Love the photos!

Joy said...

How neat to have met a childhood friend from Maine in Idaho!!!

Congratulations on the library position - you're so talented and creative.

Love the pictures and story of the boys river trip.

Bev said...

Great pictures of Camden and Steve all set to head out on their big adventure on the Payette. Now Steve will have help building his boat! And what a cute picture of Griffin - he's changed so much just in the last few weeks. Sounds like you'll have your hands full with him! I'm so glad you will continue with the reading program at the library. You are a natural for the job, making story time entertaining and educational for all the children. Congratulations!

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