Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm From Topsham

I'm still a little freaked out about something that happened at the library this morning. Let me preface this by saying that there has been a mom attending my story time with her children, and each week I think to myself, "Boy, she looks familiar..." So, after story time today:

Me: "This is going to sound weird, but you look so familiar to me, but I just can't figure out why."

Mystery Woman: "Oh? Hmmm. Well, I taught P.E. at the elementary school a few years back, so probably that's it."

Me: "No, I don't think so...my kids aren't in school yet."

Mystery Woman: "Oh."

Me: (ending the conversation) "Oh well...you must just look like someone...I'm not from here originally anyway...I'm from Maine."

Mystery Woman: "Where in Maine?"

*Okay, usually when people ask me 'where in Maine?' I reply, "Brunswick", because nobody ever knows or has heard of Topsham, and once in a while, somebody has heard of Brunswick.*

Me: (deciding to break with tradition) "Topsham."

Mystery Woman: "Topsham? Are you SERIOUS? I use to live in Topsham!"

As it turns out, not only did she use to live in Topsham, but we were in the same class, with the same teacher, somewhere between 2nd and 5th grade. Every time I would see her at the library, I felt like she looked like someone in a picture, and now I'm thinking that it must be one of my class pictures from grade school. So, Mum, when you read this, please bring out my "School Days" book with you - - the one that has all my class pictures in it.

It really is a small world, because the town I live in now, is a lot like Topsham was, 25 years ago. Small, quaint, and nobody seems to know where it is!


Mum said...

This is so neat!! I hope you got her name and number so you two can get together. I will bring your School Days book. It must be in the dry sink.

Lisa said...

Talk about a SMALL world!

And I'm curious - what's a 'dry sink'?

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