Tuesday, July 03, 2007

And So It Continues...

...sickness, that is. All I can say is, I'm sick of the sickness! This is getting a bit ridiculous. After 12 days, Steve is finally back to feeling like himself. As for me, I had three days of feeling fine, only to be ill again last night. I have myself convinced, however, that I too am on the mend now. Unfortunately, now my sweet Camden is sick. The weird thing is, he has nothing but a high fever. That is his only "symptom". It started yesterday afternoon - - I took his temperature before dinner, just because he seemed slightly off - - not quite my regular Camden. It was 102 degrees at that point, and reached over 103 degrees in the night. We took him to the doctor today, and of course, his temperature was normal at that point in time! The doctor said Camden was apparently trying to fight something, and to just keep our eye on him. We got him home this afternoon, and his temperature started climbing again. He slept for a good part of the afternoon, and is now resting on the sofa here in the family room, as I type this. I called our local "Ask a Nurse", because I was getting uncomfortable at how high his temp was climbing (103.2), and they told me to page our pediatrician. Unfortunately, he is off for the holiday and I had to call the doctor on call. Bad, bad experience! I really hate to badmouth anyone in the medical profession - - what a tough job they have - - but, there is no excuse for rudeness, or making a parent feel stupid for being concerned about their child. I guess we have been spoiled by Camden's pediatrician - - he is such a nice man, and has always taken the time to talk with Steve and I about any concerns we might have. He also makes himself available at all hours (except, of course, over the 4th of July holiday...shucks!). Anyway, I've rambled on enough. I needed to vent. I don't like to see my children sick (who does?). So here's hoping Camden will wake up in the morning and be fever-free.

Our air conditioner died two days ago, and the temperature is supposed to reach 105 degrees tomorrow. Luckily, Steve is installing a new unit in the morning. I'm so thankful we have a finished basement to retreat to - - it is nice and cool down here.

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kirsten said...

I am so sorry that you all have been sick! It sounds like exactly the same sickness Tate had...103 temperature but no other symptoms. It lasted only 24 hours though..I do hope Camden is on the mend very soon!

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