Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Eating My Way Through Maine

When I returned to Idaho last week and started looking at all of the pictures I'd taken, I realized that I'd taken a lot of pictures of food. For example:

Amato's Whoopie Pie

Fresh Maine lobster (thanks, Mum & Dad!)

Pancetta peas from our dinner at No. 10 Water

Moxie (at Reid State Park, no less)

Whoopie Pie from the Vegetable Corner

No food in this picture, but can you guess where this was taken? Yes...standing in line for a hot dog at Danny's on the Mall in Brunswick (with ketchup, relish, and onions, thankyouverymuch)
Clearly, it is a crime to go anywhere near Brunswick, Maine and not make a stop at Fat Boy. I enjoyed a banana frappe and some onion rings, and boy oh boy were they good.
Food not pictured? My mother's delicious Italian sandwiches, the fresh haddock that my father-in-law prepared, the lobster crostini I enjoyed at Sea Dog, and the delicious gluten-free muffin I had at Wildflours Bakery...wish I'd managed to have one more of those! I can't believe that I didn't manage to eat a lobster roll while in Maine...that will be at the top of my list for my next visit!


Cheryl said...

Yum! Looks like a great variety of "local delights" indeed. And the peas looked so good...

Kate said...

That lobster at Sea Dog was good-now I want another one.

kirsten said...'re making me hungry..

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