Friday, July 30, 2010

Camper Obsessing

When recently in McCall, I had Steve take me to an antique shop that I wanted to check out. When we pulled up the drive to the shop, I spotted this camper parked out front, and just knew that it had to be a Sisters on the Fly camper...and I was right! As it turns out, the antique shop wasn't open, but the owner just happened to be there, and she graciously unlocked her camper so that I could have a look inside. Unfortunately my dark pictures do not do it justice, but it was just adorable inside. Now, I am completely obsessed about "getting to work" on my tiny Cardinal.

Here is the tiny little kitchen. Gloria (the camper's owner) told me she is a "dry" camper, meaning that she does not use the propane stove, or the propane at all, for that matter. She prefers to cook over the camp fire. I'd have to agree with her there - - I have about zero interest in using a 45-year-old propane stove, even if I were to get the lines checked. No thanks!

Here is the dinette area. In this camper, the table folds down and the seats become an extra bed. My camper does not have a dinette area. The most important item on my wish list is a super comfortable bed, and in a ten-foot trailer, that will take up most of the floor space.

Here is the bed. Above the window you can see something that looks like a window shade. It is actually a hammock, original to the camper, which stretches out and hooks over the bed, for extra sleep space. So cute!

Seeing Gloria's camper really got me day-dreaming about all that I can do to my camper. I virtually have a clean slate, as it is pretty much empty on the inside, except for the kitchen. It will be a lot of work, but I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy doing it.

Before I can get to any of the "fun" work of decorating my camper, I have quite a bit of repair work to do. I have a leak to contend with, but in the dry Idaho climate, I'm not too concerned. Must attack that first, though. I also have some scary blue carpet to tear up, and a floor that needs some heavy-duty scrubbing. Next, I will post some pictures of my little gem, in the condition I purchased it in. Let the renovating begin!


Cheryl said...

Oh my word, is this adorable or what?? So cozy and inviting. I love the outside decor too. Be sure to take "before and after" photos of your project. I saw one of these little campers being towed behind a 1950s era car a couple of weeks ago! I immediately thought of you.

Kate said...

There is a Lucille Ball/Desi Arnez movie from the 50's that you have to rent. It's called The Long, Long Trailer and it's one of my new favorite movies. Their trailer was bigger but it's the same idea.

Heather said...

Cheryl, once I started looking for vintage campers, I seem to spot them everywhere now!

Kate I will have to track that movie down - - that sounds right up my alley.

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