Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Riley & Roy: A Little Update

I thought it was about time that I posted an update on Riley and Roy, the strangest cat and dog ever. You may recall that we adopted Roy a couple of years ago. He really was just what Riley needed, after he lost his lifelong pal, Sadie.

Riley attempted to be the "alpha" for the first time in his life when we brought Roy home, but after many failed attempts, he finally put his tail between his legs, admitted defeat, and Roy has been in charge ever since.

Their days consist of lounging on the big blue pillow, eating, terrorizing squirrels, and being on the wrong side of the door. Let us not forget Riley's obsessive/compulsive licking of Roy. He can't help himself, he dedicates much of his day to licking Roy.

Riley's health continues to hold pretty steady, although I have noticed a bit more decline in recent months. He'll be thirteen this year. Roy has become rather "hippie", on account of his inability to stop eating. The boy loves his cat food. Roy would also like you to know that he is currently breaking in his second scratching post. I bought him one when we first got him, thinking it was probably the dumbest purchase I'd ever made. Alas, Roy is a dedicated scratcher, and finally killed his original scratching post a couple of weeks ago.

Above all else, Riley remains completely devoted to Camden and Griffin. He may not move too fast anymore, but you'd better not mess with his boys.


Jen said...

Great photos, Heather. It's so cute that they love to be alongside each other. This pair was meant to be together. Very sweet.

Ellen said...

Good old Riley. I loved seeing those photos of him. What a sweetie! Walt and Callie send their love to him! :) Waltie will be celebrating his 15th birthday in March....crazy!

Cheryl said...

Wonderful post about the two faithful friends! They are so lucky to have each other. And of course, all of you.

Kate said...

I love how cute they are together!

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