Monday, April 13, 2009

A Busy Weekend

This past Friday, Camden's kindergarten class went on a field trip to a local dairy farm. Griffin and I were lucky enough to be invited along, and we had a great time!

The farmer and his wife showed all of the children a bit about their farm, introduced them to some of the cows, and let them do a little exploring. Then, they were all treated to some Darigold milk, and some cookies to go with it. I overheard Camden more than once, telling anyone who would listen, "MY Nana grew up on a dairy farm!"

Although Griffin was mainly interested in the school buses, he did get in on the calf-petting action.
Griffin continues to insist that he no longer needs to nap, yet, I keep finding him conked out in random places in the house. The boy doesn't like to be told how to run his day, you see.

On Saturday, we took the boys to the massive Easter egg hunt at our city park. Griffin
had no interest in the whole spectacle, and even Camden (in the orange jacket) got a little overwhelmed by the crowd.
He was very happy to pose with the Easter Bunny though (hmmm...where's Griffin?), and had lots of fun playing with his cousin on the playground after.

Yesterday, the four of us went to the top of Old Freezeout Hill at sunrise, and then enjoyed a beautifully scenic drive. Next, we were off to Rod and Candy's house for Easter brunch (that's Camden and Banzer above, searching for eggs).
Presently, we are all recovering from massive sugar hangovers, but we all had a great weekend. The weather continues to be beautiful, so we are taking full advantage of it!


Cheryl and Ashton said...

What fun to be able to share Camden's field trip. I have many happy memories of accompanying my three. What cuties the little men are in their Sunday best! A very nice photo of you and Steve as well.

kirsten said...

Love the photos! And love Camden's bow tie! You are all adorable. I'm amazed at Griffin's ability to sleep in random places. My kids BARELY ever fell or will fall asleep in the car.

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