Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Binky Fairy

So I mentioned to Griffin a couple of days ago that the "Binky Fairy" would be visiting our home soon. I explained to him that he is a big boy now, and that a new baby will need his binkies, so it is time to get rid of them. Camden was way more addicted to his Binky than Griffin is, and this little scenario worked like a charm with Camden. I think he asked for his Binky (which he called "Big Red", by the way) once, and then moved on with his life. Alas, Griffin is not his brother. I don't know how many times over the past 48 hours the poor boy has asked, in his teeny-tiny little voice, "Mummy, is the Binky Lady coming to take my Binky today?" or, "Where are my Binkies? Can I have them?" I finally broke down today and reassured him that his beloved binkies were not going anywhere right now, and that he could chill. I think I will just have to resort to a stealth, unannounced, middle-of-the-night disposal of all binkies. The kid has them hidden all over the house though, so it may take a few months.


Joy said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. Isn't it amazing how different two boys can be? I see this each day (and night). Hope it goes well and when you pull the plug (har har har) it goes smoother than you can imagine!

Anonymous said...

The Binky Fairy came at the end of November, originally the goal was to leave it for santa so he can give to other newborn babies, but we lost it end of november and I decided to let that me the day to end all binky's. Everyday connor asked for it and at times i wanted to just give into his demands and cries but stuck to my guns, finally as of this week he no longer asks for his binky and has moved on. It took a good month and a half for him to " let it go" but we did it , and i see his speech is also improved as he doesnt have it in his mouth all the time. The other day I finally threw out his "Binky" that i had hidden for emergency's only. I am proud of connor for going cold turkey and given up his security item and for me for not given in !

Cousin Janet

Mark said...

for us, it is the thumb and I can't chop it off. But the boy, Patrick is 4, is needing to let go of sucking on it.

Caitlin used a binky and she had about 7 in the house. We tried to get rid of them and she would find one. Eventually, she got past it.

Good luck!

Cheryl and Ashton said...

This made me think of the movie "Mr. Mom" when the dad was trying to "eliminate" the little guy's "woobie"! None of my three had pacifiers so I didn't have to go through this trauma!

Lisa said...

Becky had a pacifier until she was three. Her regular latex ones got lost in the house somehow and I went out and bought her new ones. The store only had silicone pacifiers so that's what I had to buy. I gave it to her at bedtime, as usual. She put it in her mouth, sucked on it for a second, and then took it out and handed it back to me. That was that. Strange how simple it ended up being because I had tried to break her of it before that, but I caved way too easily and always gave it back to her. Now, almost 6 year old Allison and her thumb are a completely different matter... Good luck to you...those teeny, tiny, sweet voices are VERY persuasive! And forget about the big blue eyes!

Kate said...

The Binky Fairy would visit us when the kids were around 3. We gift wrapped them up in a box and put it by their bed. When they woke up in the morning, the fairy left them a gift in exchange. Worked fine both times. Bribery does work if you get desperate.

Heather said...

Joy - I think you and I are experiencing the same thing, with our very different little boys!

Janet - thanks for the encouragment..I know in the end it will all be okay, but right now it feels so difficult!

Mark - I've had many people say "at least Griffin doesn't suck his thumb", but sometimes I wish he did, because then at least he could find it in the middle of the night instead of screaming out, "WHERE'S MY BINKY????!!!"

Cheryl - I laughed out loud at the memory of Mr. Mom and the "woobie" I want to see that movie again!

Lisa - it is funny you mentioned the different kind of binkies because Griffin only will take the "straight" ones, and not the contoured ones. He spits those right out!

Kate - right now your method is winning in my book - - that sounds like something right up Griffin's alley...I'll let you know what happens.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather!

Is there a "big boy" present that the binky fairy can leave for him in thanks for the binkys? Clayton and I clean out his baby toys so that he can get one new big boy toy. Maybe that would help? You are awesome! Amy RW

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