Sunday, November 05, 2006

Freedom Salute

On Saturday, the boys and I went to the armory with Steve for an award ceremony for his company. In the picture to the right, Steve is presenting three of his soldiers with Army Commendation medals, which they earned while in Iraq. Another part of the ceremony was the Freedom Salute, which is one of the largest recognition programs in Army National Guard history. The Freedom Salute acknowledges Army Guard Soldiers and those who supported them during the President's call to duty for Operations Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom. The campaign began in December 2003 and has thus far recognized over 100,000 soldiers, family members, friends, and employers for their service and support. Each soldier is presented with an American flag in a wooden display case. The ceremony was really nice, and the Commanding General of the Idaho National Guard (Major General Lafrenz) spoke with each family and thanked them for their sacrifices, which I thought was particularly nice.

Here's Camden at the whiteboard in Steve's office

Trying out Steve's beret

Griffin, almost 6 weeks old

Time to feed Griffin and head off to bed. One more week of Army school for Steve, and then hopefully, life will begin to return to normal for all of us.


Joy said...

What a lovely ceremony!

Love the pictures of the boys. Camden is such a big boy, all grown up now.

Mum said...

Love the pictures. I love the story you told me on the phone of Camden wanting to kiss Steve during the ceremony, and then standing with him wearing Steve's beret during the rest of the ceremony. Griffin is very serious looking in his photo, but it sure is cute!

aunt Jean said...

The Freedom Salute looks like an impressive ceremony. Camden's handsome in the beret, and Griffin's equally handsome in his Winnie-the-Pooh nightie complete with Pooh mitts!

Mum said...

Is Griffin wearing Manfred Harry's socks??

Heather said...

Actually, the yellow ones belonged to Gertie Robina. Manfie's were navy and white, and Griffin wears those, too. It cracks me up every time I put them on him!

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