Friday, July 06, 2012

A Vintage Makeover

My sweet neighbor Anisa moved to Boise recently, and as she was weeding through her possessions and getting rid of some things, she asked me if I might want this vintage Juice King juicer. She had bought it with the intention of giving it a bit of a makeover, but never got around to it.

Of course I said yes and took it off her hands, for I love all things vintage. I also juice a lot of lemons it seems, so I thought it would be a perfect addition to my kitchen. It was pretty cute as it was, although the base of it had lots of chipped white paint on it. I did a little Internet research and learned that in original condition, they were either white or orange. I just so happened to have some orange spray paint in my collection, so I got down to business. I dismantled it and then scrubbed it with a abrasive sponge, which took of all of the loose paint.

Then end result? A happy little juicer that will sit proudly on my kitchen counter, and will remind me of Anisa whenever I use it.


Emily said...

I love it!! Way to go, Heather!

Nicky said...

Great job! The pillar-box red was a fantastic choice!

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