Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Maiden Voyage of the Glamper

Remember my little camper? After its initial 3-mile trip to my sister-in-law's house a couple of years ago, it never moved again, sadly. While Steve was deployed, the boys and I only managed back yard camp outs. Then, last summer, my beloved Glamper* sprung a leak. Leaks would be more accurate., So, we tilted it up, covered it with a tarp, and I went about my business. A couple of weeks ago, when the threat of any rain vanished, I uncovered it. I did some research on how to repair the roof, and that will be tackled this coming weekend.

In the meantime, we had reservations at Sagehen Reservoir this past weekend. The boys left on Friday with the Sweet Dream in tow, and I stayed behind for my date with MaryJane and Meg on Saturday. After that was done, I packed my bags and headed out to meet up with my boys.

I got right to work unpacking my things and getting everything nice and cozy. I just love this little camper! Kudos to my manly husband for not saying anything, if he thinks I am a total nut. I think he realizes my need for girly things, in this life I lead that is overflowing with testosterone at every turn.

Steve tells me that it towed nicely, on the windy, narrow roads up to the reservoir. I got a chance to practice towing it on the way home, and it was easy-peasy. See that pink chenille bedspread? It use to belong to my beloved grandmother Violet. I think it is a perfect addition.

See that bizarre ramp? Well, I got this trailer for next to nothing - - it was previously owned by someone who traveled the state, selling jewelry at flea markets. This was what he used to haul his wares. The inside was completely empty for storage, and he had installed this ramp so that he could wheel his carts of items in and out of the trailer with ease. While I would prefer that it wasn't there, I use it to my advantage. I hung a sheer curtain in front of it, and when there is a need for some cross-ventilation, I just drop it down. Works like a charm!

We had the best time camping (more about that, tomorrow), and I can just tell that this little camper is going to get lots of mileage.

FYI:  Glamper = Glamour + Camper  :)


Emily said...

Heather - I love it! Looks like an opportunity for lots of fun. Can't wait to hear more!

Joy said...


Joy said...

oh, Roy said that if you need any help with the roof just give us a call!

Nicky said...

I just love your name "Glamper" for it, hilarious! It's adorable, Heather, you've done a fabulous job with it too. And I bet your manly husband loves it too! Can't wait to hear more about the trip.

Kate D. said...

I would move in and refuse to go back into the house. I love the bedspread and the hanging candle light if that is what it is.

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