Wednesday, February 01, 2012

More of the Same

I last blogged 15 days ago, and not much has changed around here, unfortunately. After Griff's bout with the upper-respiratory junk, I caught it (no surprise there), and right about the time I started to feel human again, he started feeling poorly. It was off to the doctor yesterday to make sure his nasty cough wasn't something more serious (it wasn't), and now we are back in the juice-drinking, forced-resting mode in hopes of kicking this sickness to the curb. Poor Griff. He is a good little patient, but really, enough is enough.

As you can see from the quality of my pictures, I am still phone-blogging, which is why I haven't been blogging. Yesterday I decided to just chalk January up as one of those months that seems to evaporate before your eyes, and if someone asked you, you couldn't really tell them what you'd done all month. All of the days seemed to blur together and mostly I am just very happy that today is February 1st. It gives me that "clean slate" feeling, and the hope that health will be restored to this house. Pronto.

We have been experiencing an extremely mild winter here in Idaho. One would think that this would alleviate the 'winter blahs', and while it does help somewhat, I find myself extremely impatient for spring to just get here already. These mild days are a tease and I am just ready for the children to be playing outside and to just chalk this winter up as a bust and get on with it.

Steve's office has relocated, away from the military base he's always worked on, so this has added a good 45 minutes to his already one hour (each way) commute time every day. This means some adjusting and some changes for all of us, but mostly I just feel for Steve because really, who wants to spend 3.5 hours in a car every day? He's a trooper, that's for sure.

We have not broken the news to Smokey yet, but tomorrow is "Letter C" day at preschool, and so she will be going to visit a gaggle of hyperactive 4-year olds.


Emily said...

Steve is spending 3.5 hours every day in the car? That sounds horrible. That is worse than my commute (minus Massachusetts drivers!) and he does it 5 days a week. Miserable. I'm so sorry for him! He must not be the only one affected by this change, right?

Good luck getting everyone healthy and waiting for spring. I, too, am ready for spring. I am ready to starting planting and getting my gardens going. But, alas -- I am only 2 weeks into the semester, so I know it is a long way away!

Hugs to all and I hope that you enjoy your bday. Tell someone to take some pics for me!

Nicky said...

LOL, poor Smokey!

Sorry to hear that Griff is still suffering, and that you feel victim too. Hope the sickness clears up soon for everyone!

Such a pain for Steve to be relocated even further from home. I empathize there. My commute is an hour, and that's just about bearable, thanks to satellite radio in my car. I love driving, but can't imagine 3.5 hours in the car each day just to get to and from work, especially when you have a family back home who you'd prefer to be spending that time with.

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