Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Slow Days

Griffin, convalescing, with the ever-faithful Smokey

Things have been pretty slow around here these past few days, and things haven't been going exactly as planned. That is usually the case when there is sickness in the air. The latest victim in our family is Griffin - - he seems to be fighting some sort of respiratory flu, complete with fever, chills, hacking cough, and the like. So, he is resting, and I am playing nursemaid. Days like today serve to remind me of how thankful I am to be doing what I do. I am so glad that I don't have to fret about whether or not I have sick time to use so that I can stay home from work, or that I have to send a child back to school before he is truly ready, because I can't miss another day of work. So, while I am sad that Griff is sick, I am glad that I am here with him.

The weather has turned bitter-cold here in Idaho, and the weatherman tells us that we are in for some snow. Finally! I was starting to think that maybe winter had decided to skip us all together. Unfortunately, that snow is going to be followed by a string of days of rain and gloom. At this point I think I will be happy if we get an early spring. If it is going to be cold, I'd at least like some snow to go with it.

I am currently still computer-less, and struggling to maintain this blog. I miss writing, and I've also found that since my computer died, I'm just not taking many pictures. Typically, I take pictures nearly every day, and upload them every couple of days. Steve finally uploaded pictures from my Sony camera the other day, and it still had my pictures from Christmas on it. Not sure when I will solve this problem, but I'm not thinking it will be any time soon. So, I'm hoping to come up with a plan pretty quick here.

In the meantime, I have a sick boy to tend to. Here's hoping his fever will subside and we can be done with this current round of illness!


Nicky said...

Aw, poor Griff! Hope he feels better soon. Glad he has Smokey to tend to his every need on the sofa though :) I know what you mean about the snow - I'm sure your family has told you how we've been relatively snow-free over here on the north east side of the country. I awoke this morning to a few inches on the ground - that's about the most we've had since Halloween! Stay warm out there!

Emily said...

Heather - no one is as glad as Griffin that you don't have to go back to work and that he can just stay home and be sick. Better yet, he will be even happier about it in about 20-30 years. So, it's a satisfaction that will just keep on keepin'-on! Give the little guy a kiss for us! We hope that he feels better soon!

Jen F. said...

Hope Griff is feeling better soon - I'm sure he'd much rather be up playing and running around. Glad he has you - and Smokey - around to help him feel better.

Joy said...

Amen on this being one of the many blessings of being a SAHM. I'll take snow anyday - I hate this sloggy gross mess.

Hugs to Griff who is hopefully feeling better already!

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