Wednesday, January 04, 2012

In With the New

I love the start of a new year. Even though I thoroughly enjoy the month of December and all of the festivities that go with it, I'm always happy to put the chaotic part of it behind me. We have been experiencing some rather mild weather here in Idaho, and although I'd like to see some snow eventually, I am enjoying these sunny days.

Just the same, I planted some narcissus bulbs a few weeks ago, and am thrilled to have them blooming on my dining room table. It is so nice to see some green. I never like to wish time away, but I would be lying if I said spring could take its time getting here. It can't get here fast enough, as far as I am concerned. I don't enjoy being cooped up in the house at all - - I don't think any of us do. Winter is definitely my most challenging season, in this profession.

Camden headed back to school today, and Griffin has another week before preschool starts back up. We are easing back into our routine, as I continue organizing and purging this house of unnecessary clutter. I have some grand plans in mind for the coming months, but they require a level of organization on my part that I have never quite been able to master.

I didn't set any concrete goals for 2012. I'm not big on resolutions per se, but I do love the idea of "starting fresh" each January. My focus for this new year continues to be my health and physical fitness, because finally, after all these years, I am learning that if that takes a place of priority, everything else falls into place so much more easily.


Emily said...

I loved seeing your blooming flowers. I found some tulips in our yard that had been accidentally dug up during the building of the arbor in our back yard. I rescued them and brought them inside to some dirt, warmth, water, and sun. They are very happy. Here's to a happy new year. I also hope that it is filled with sunshine and warmth.

Nicky said...

Happy New Year to you all, Heather! So beautiful to see those blooms standing tall in the sunny room. We've had it quite mild this winter so far too - although our temperatures plummeted to a balmy 8F today. Still no snow though, unlike this time last year.

Kate D. said...

Planting some bulbs inside might be just whats needed around here. I love that you used clear glass.

Joy said...

Your flowers made my day! What a great idea!!!

I hear you on being cooped up. I hosted a candle party for that very reason - people come over, my house gets cleaned and I get to see people I don't always get to see.

Gorgeous picture.

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