Thursday, November 25, 2010


I'm so happy that my parents were in Idaho this year, for Thanksgiving. The boys and I are going to miss them so much when they head back to Maine in the next week or so...I can't even stand to think about it. I'm extra-thankful that they have been here to help me recuperate from gallbladder surgery this week - - while it is an outpatient procedure (like most surgeries these days) I can tell you that it wasn't exactly a pleasant experience. Ouch! I really didn't feel well at all today, but I'm hoping that I'll be on the mend in the next day or so. I don't enjoy sitting around!

Here's what Thanksgiving dinner looks like when you've just had your gallbladder removed. I can tell you that the mashed potatoes agreed with me, so that's probably what I'll be eating for the next few days. We spent the afternoon relaxing, and now I'm getting ready to tuck the boys in (after we finish watching Elf, of course).

These boys of mine have it pretty good. It is a regular occurrence to be sitting on Nana's sofa in the evening, eating an ice cream cone, sometimes while getting a "lotion foot rub". Lucky boys!

6 comments: said...

Hope you're recouperating nicely Heather. Your dinner dish looked similiar to mine that day due to stomach issues - mashed potatoes were my friend that day too!! Som wonderful you and the boys could share this Thanksgiving with your parents!

Heather said...

Oh Karen...hope you are feeling better now! I keep telling myself I will be even MORE thankful at Thanksgiving next year! :) Today I branched out and made mashed potato soup!

Susan said...

Good looking group. It certainly was a special Thanksgiving for all of you.....a few years from now I can hear it being said "oh, that was the year.........".

Hope you are feeling like yourself again.

Cheryl said...

Hope this finds you well on the road to recovery...What lucky boys indeed, to get ice cream AND a foot lotion rub! I didn't realize your parents were heading back so soon. I bet they dread leaving as much as you all do.

Heather said...

Thank you, Susan! I feel better each day.

Cheryl, we are all dreading it! The weather is a concern for them, and of course right when they were looking at heading back east, we get walloped with a snow storm! Today is snow day #2 for the boys...we NEVER get snow days around here! I love having my parents around so I am just going to be looking forward to their next visit.

Nicky said...

Haha, such a cute photo of the footrub session! And your Thanksgiving plate made me laugh - empathetically, of course though! I feel so awful for you - hope things improve gradually on the eating front. I can't imagine that it's been fun for you at all - especially dealing with this at the same time as hubby deploys! Nice that the folks have been around for you though, and for the boys too.

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