Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Being (Really) Neighborly

The boys didn't waste a bit of time, making themselves right at home with Nana and Papa. They have managed to cram so much fun in already, and they haven't even been here for a week yet. Some highlights include: a couple of sleepovers, ice cream cones, baking cookies, lots of art work, and meals together. Camden tells me each morning when he goes to school, "I'd prefer to have Nana and Papa pick me up after school today", and this morning he "preferred" to have them take him to school, as well! It is so nice to have my parents next door, and I feel really, really lucky that my boys are getting so much quality time with them.
Trashing Nana's house (but picking up afterwards, of course!)
Enjoying the claw foot bathtub

Doing homework with Nana
Family dinner (and an unexpected dinner guest...Steve!)

Harassing Papa (although he doesn't seem to mind a bit)

Enjoying the patio

Hangin' in the tree fort

My parents are so good with the boys, and seem to have an endless amount of patience. So glad they are here!


Anonymous said...

Now Heather, you have got to get your parents to do a blog about there adventures of being out west! :-) Tell Aunt Roberta and Uncle Buzz I send my best , and for you, I send lots of support,love your way ! You are a remarkable woman with should pat yourself on the back for being the GREAT Wife, Mother that you are !

Janet said...

I see the tatoos are still in tact that's amazing!!

Jen said...

Those photos are the best! I'm so happy your parents are right next door to you and the boys. Does your mom like the newly decorated bedroom?

Cheryl said...

Who is having more fun I wonder, the boys or their grandparents?

Heather said...

Terri I think those are industrial-strength tatoos...they WILL NOT come off!! :)

Jen, Mum likes her room...and I think she likes the whole house..they seem to be enjoying themselves!

Cheryl it is a toss-up! Hard to tell who is having more fun! :)

Heather said...

Janet I will tell them you said hello!

Jenn said...

So I was just thinking that I need new sneakers and your Dad isn't around to help me! :)

I noticed that both boys now have "permanent" tattoos :)

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