Thursday, December 04, 2008

Something's Missing

Or in our case, a couple of people. My parents headed back to Maine early Wednesday morning, and we sure do miss them. I kept Camden out of school yesterday, so that he could see his Nana and Papa off at the airport. I am really glad I did, because when the poor boy ever had to say goodbye to them, he spent most of the ride back home crying his little eyes out. I don't know how many times today Camden and I said, "I miss Nana and Papa" to one another. As for Griffie - - he kept saying, "Where's my Nana?"

After my parents have been here, it always takes me a few days to come out of the funk I find myself in after they go home. I'll give myself through the weekend, and then I'll need to pull myself together! Steve is out of town next week, and I will be very busy with the boys and with the library. I'm hoping to wrap up all of my loose Christmas ends over the weekend, so that I can start shipping boxes out to the east coast. Can you believe Christmas is only 3 weeks away? Crazy.

We miss you, Nana and Papa!


Anonymous said...

I know the feeling Heather! My mom left Tuesday and my 3 yr. old ask's for his Me-Me daily and I felt a little lost without her too! Our visit was really nice but seemed to go by way to fast... :-( so, I hope it helps to know your not alone !

Cousin Janet

Joy said...

I about cried reading this!!!

Sorry, Heather. Wish you guys lived closer to each other.

Someday??? I know, I'm wishful thinking. ;)

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