Friday, December 05, 2008

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...

It is starting to feel very Christmas-y around here! I'm so happy that we put our tree up while my parents were visiting - - that was really great. Today, I finalized my Christmas baking list, and I'm hoping I'll be able to get all of my ingredients before I am car-less for the weekend. I've also written down all of the crafts I still need to finish, so I am feeling pretty organized, I'm happy to say. I still have a few decorations to unpack, but for the most part, we are in good shape. I just love this mantle box that I found a couple of years ago. I like to fill it with greenery and some lights.

I love to get a special ornament every year...I love Christmas ornaments. When my parents were here, we saw a kiosk at the mall that had personalized ornaments. I really liked them, but they were $14.00 and I didn't really want to spend that much. On that same day, we stopped at one of my favorite craft stores, and they had the same type of ornaments, except they were only $1.98. So, I bought one and just grabbed a Sharpie and personalized it myself. Voila!
Tonight, we are taking the boys to see Sesame Street Live. Griffin hasn't napped today, and it doesn't start until 7:00 (the boys usually go to bed around 7:30), so it should be interesting. I really think he wants to give up his nap, unfortunately. Camden was just a couple of months older than Griffin is now, when he stopped napping. I had hoped Griffin wouldn't give up his nap so soon, but the fact of the matter is, he behaves much better when he doesn't nap, and he sleeps better at night. So, we shall see.


Jen said...

That is adorable!!!

Lisa said...

I also LOVE Christmas. Each year we get the girls a special ornament that has to do with something special from the passed year. For instance, this year Allison's ornament has to do with tennis since she took lessons for the first time last summer. Someday they'll take their ornaments to decorate their own trees. :) Ahh Christmas!! Sounds like you are way more organized about things to be done than I am!

Cheryl and Ashton said...

Love your decorations. I've purchased special ornaments for each child since they were born, and when they have their own homes, they can decorate with their childhood ornaments. Ben is going to take "a few" this year and I'm actually sad to see his ornaments go! Hope Sesame Street was fun.

Joy said...

Love the special ornament. We do that, too. One for each kid and I usually get one for my nieces and nephews as part of their gift.

This year it is the first initial of their first name.

Some years I do like you and personalize or make it memorable with an event that happened that year, i.e. graduation, driving, vacation, a birth... you get the idea. I'll be highlighting some of my favorite ornaments in addition to the nativity scenes I am highlighting.

Can't wait to hear how LIVE went! I'll cry when Javi gives up napping. He still sleeps 2 hrs and goes to bed at 8-9!

I love being done shopping so I can focus energy and time on baking and enjoying Christmas. How neat you are too!

Melissa said...

That mantle box is beautiful!

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