Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things: Estate Sales

Okay, so I didn't know I loved estate sales until yesterday. I picked my mother-in-law, Bev, up a little before 8:00 yesterday morning, and we made our way over to an estate sale here in town, that we'd seen listed in the local paper. My game plan was to hit the kitchen first, in hopes of finding some Pyrex and such. So, we walked in the door and I quickly elbowed my way through a group of ladies gathered in the kitchen, and started snatching up treasures. I really hit the jackpot. First, I found a pink Pyrex rectangle cake dish. It has seen a lot of use, but still has some life left in it:

Next, I found a couple of Pyrex cinderella bowls:

Then, I found this lovely Fire King Primrose cake dish:

A very retro serving tray (which I used this morning, by the way):

I also found this great little bread tray, which I plan to hang on the wall in my new kitchen:

My favorite treasure is this Corning sauce maker bowl - - my mom has one just like it, and I use to like to make pudding in it, when I was little:

Oh Lordy, it was exhilarating. We found so many treasures. I have to say though, there is something about an estate sale that seems a bit sad - - the physical remnants of someone's life, spread out on tables, being picked over by a bunch of strangers. I overheard the woman who was running the estate sale say that she was doing it for a family friend. She said that the husband had recently passed away, and the wife had immediately moved to an assisted living facility. Some of the Pyrex shows a bit of wear, so I'm guessing they were well-loved and used for years.

If you look closely in some of the pictures I've posted today, you can see that the walls in my kitchen are looking very different than they looked a couple of weeks ago. I spent a good deal of time painting yesterday, and will be back at it today, after I get Griffin down for his afternoon nap. I'm hoping to be able to "unveil" my new and improved kitchen by the end of this week, so stay tuned!


Jen said...

Those look like some lovely dishes!

Melissa said...

I especially love the bread tray - great finds!

Estate're right. Fun for us, but when you really think about it, pretty sad.

Anonymous said...


I know you are sad about whom owned them before you and the situation they are in . Just remember they would want them to go to someone that would enjoy them and use them and that person is you ! So please do what is right and enjoy them as they are ment and not let why they were put on sale as a reason they are with you ! you are the rightful owner that was blessed to enjoy years of joy that the once owner use to do with them. They are home now and sure your care would be appreciated as the previous owner once did !!!!!!!!!!!!
Cousin Janet in New York

Cheryl said...

The sauce maker bowl is neat-and it will become "your" treasure as it reminds you of your mom's and that you used it when you were younger. I noticed the walls right away-looking good!

Heather said...

I'm already getting twitchy, waiting for the local paper to come out on Wednesday, so I can see if there are any estate sales this coming weekend! I best get a grip. Cheryl, it seems everywhere I go lately, I keep finding items identical to ones Mum had in her kitchen when I was growing up, and I can't help but snatch them up!

Terri said...

let me know if you find some good ones that would be a great girls day out starting bright and early at the coffee shop!! We'll have to plan one soon! whoo hoo to yard sales and estate sales I love treasure hunting.

Joy said...

Fun Fun!

Can't wait to see your new kitchen!!!

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