Saturday, March 17, 2012

Uniforms and Leprechauns

It is the weekend I am very happy about that. This week kind of sped by in a big blur. Lots going on and lots to catch up on, so I am declaring today a "low-key" kind of day so that I can get caught up on a few things. Steve has a big meeting to go to on base today (thus, the class b's in the picture above) so we are on our own. Would like to get all of my big chores done today so that we can just have some fun tomorrow.

I have to say, I love uniforms. It sure is a good thing I married an Army soldier. I get my very own man in uniform every day! I especially like the dressy uniforms though. Steve isn't required to wear a uniform like this hardly a matter of fact I have only seen him "dressed up" for our wedding, and for the Army balls we have been to in the past...sure hope they have one planned for this year, it has been a while! This is the first time I have ever seen him in this particular uniform - - in the past you may recall seeing Army soldiers in a green coat/shirt/tie - - well now it has been changed to a white shirt with blue pants/black tie. If he has to be super-dressy, he adds a blue jacket to it, but for today, no jacket. I think he looks pretty snazzy.

The boys aren't up yet, so I made sure to tip over some chairs, put some green food coloring in various places (the toilet bowl being their favorite) and scatter some gold coins around the house. They would not be pleased if there weren't any signs of leprechaun mischief when they got up. I think we will bake a St. Patty's dessert of some sort today, and I am definitely making a boiled dinner for this evening...I look forward to corned beef brisket every year for St. Patrick's Day.


Emily said...

Heather - I love the pics and comments. Hope that you are having a productive, but not-too-hectic day. Have fun with the N.E. boiled dinner and a St. P's dessert!

Roberta said...

Oh my, he does scrub up good! Miss you all!

Heather said...

Miss you too, Mum!

Emily it was a nice relaxing day, and the corned beef was delish! Hope you are having a good weekend, too!

Nicky said...

Steve looks so smart! And his little leprechaun next to him is kind of cute too! Hope you all enjoyed some time together over the weekend eventually.

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