Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Back to Life

Well my goodness, it has been a while. I am happy to report that I finally have a new laptop. I am still trying to figure it out but at least I have figured out enough to be able to post something to my blog. I really hope that I can get back into the swing of regular writing. I have realized over the past three months that I have miss keeping a record of what we are up to. I spent some time going through blog posts from years passed and am so happy that I have so many memories written down. Sometimes I will go through a dry spell and will think that maybe I don't want to have a blog anymore, but now I know that I do. So, onward!
The above picture is from this past weekend. My mom flew out to Idaho to watch the boys for us so that Steve and I could attend a Strong Bonds marriage retreat in McCall. This is offered by the Army and we have wanted to attend for a long time, and it finally worked out that we could. The retreat consisted of a bunch of great sessions, dinner, and ample free time to do some things on our on. During our free time on Saturday, we rented a snowmobile and rode to Bergdorf Hot Springs. It was such a fun adventure! I have now been to three different hot springs and Bergdorf is definitely my favorite.

The gigantic pool you see behind Steve is actually the hot spring...I think the temperature was around 101 or so. It was also about five feet deep. I have only ever been in very shallow hot springs so this was great. This was after our soak and we were getting ready to get back on the snowmobile for the 20-mile ride back to town. It was great to do something out of the ordinary (for us) and we really had a good time. The entire weekend was wonderful and I know we both learned a lot. I am so thankful to my mom for coming all the way out here for us. She and the boys packed in a ton of quality time together while we were away!


Nicky said...

What a fabulous weekend! Snowmobiling sounds like a lot of fun - when I first saw your photo, I thought you were both on a motorbike.....what a great time! I've heard of the Strong Bonds retreats, always wondered how good they were. Bet your mum had a wonderful time with her favorite boys too :)

Lisa said...

Sounds wonderful Heather! Glad you had such a great time!

Kate D. said...

The helmet picture makes you look like you live in Maine until you see the hot springs picture. We need those here. Glad to have you back. You're not the only one slacking on your blog but you have an excuse.

Heather said...

Nicky the retreat was great. We learned so much, and it was a great little getaway. Really helps put things into perspective. Kate hot springs are something I really, really love out here. They are so neat. This one was great because it was nice and deep. Yet another reason to love Idaho!

Emily said...

So glad that you guys had a good time at the retreat. That's just wonderful!

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