Friday, June 03, 2011

The Start of Summer

Shall we play catch-up? I feel as though I've been slugging through time lately ~ the weather hasn't been great, I'm deployment-weary, and darn it, I have just been in such a slump for the past couple of months. I can't stand it when I feel like that. Trying very hard to pull myself out and get on with it.

When I uploaded the pictures off my camera, I had over 200 if that tells you anything. Pretty much the entire month of May. So lets get to it:

I have a full-fledged reader on my hands now. Camden's been reading all year, but all of a sudden it all just clicked for him, and he can't devour chapter books fast enough. I love finding him in different places throughout the house, engrossed in a book.

Camden had to wear a heart monitor for a few days ~ seems he is prone to whatever it is that causes a person to faint. His little heart is just fine, but I have to say it was a bit bizarre having him hooked up to all those wires. He thought it was about the coolest thing ever, of course.

Griffin played soccer for the first time, and tore up the field. He just loved it and cannot wait to play again in the fall

Camden played soccer too, and did a great job. His favorite position is goalie, and he spent just about every game, begging to be put in goal.

The boys went all-out for me on Mother's Day, making it the best one since I've become a mother! We just had the best day together

One evening, Camden found some morel mushrooms growing around his swing set, of all places. Apparently, they are often found growing in bark mulch. Weird.

My basil plants are flourishing, despite the cold weather. Today I'll be making my second batch of pesto. Yum!

Griff finished his first year of preschool. He learned so much this year!

Gramma and Grampa Arnett's Idaho visit came to an end

Cub Scouts wrapped up for the summer

Camden (with his beloved Miss Gurney) finished second grade, and is now officially a third grader. The poor kid was worn out on the last day of school after a long week ~ his grandparents leaving that Monday, and then having to say goodbye to Miss Gurney on Friday, poor boy.

I finally joined The Farmgirl Sisterhood ~ call me a nerd if you must, but it satisfies the Laura Ingalls Wilder in me. So there.

We observed Memorial Day

And we started getting serious about our summer ice cream eating. Now, if the weather would just cooperate! It was only 54 degrees yesterday, but in a couple more days, the weatherman claims it will reach 80. Here's hoping!


Kate D. said...

I have never heard of the Farmgirl Sisterhood but I'm going to have to learn. Good to have you back.

Heather said...

Kate it is right up your alley, as they say. Now, after you're done reading about it, go update your blog.

Jen F said...

Heather, I loved your recap of the month of May! So great to see all the photos and find out what you and the boys have been up to. You keep them pretty busy!

Nicky said...

Such a great recap Heather! Loved seeing the photos, & you can just tell from his big grin, how excited Camden is to be trying out that heart monitor!

Lisa said...

Love the May recap Heather! You have two of the most handsome boys ever!! Looks like you've been keeping busy :)

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