Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hotel Touring

I think I mentioned how Griffin wasn't exactly a team player when it came to leaving the hotel during our trip to McCall. He was more content with swimming in the pool, partaking in the continental breakfast, and "touring" the hotel. This involved walking up and down the hallways, trips to each and every floor (over and over) in the elevator, and finding and using all stairwells. I'm pretty sure he could have done this all day long. One afternoon, I sent Steve over to Ponderosa State Park so he could ski, and Camden and I were the unlucky victims of Griffin's hotel-touring-obsession. I actually wasn't too hesitant in indulging him, because I figured at least it might wear him out a little.

This photo depicts the moment when Camden had had his fill of wandering the halls. He was a good sport. Seriously, I hope Griffin outgrows his aversion to outdoor fun sometime soon!

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