Sunday, January 30, 2011

Scarlet Fever Boy

Poor Griff has had a rough day. Late yesterday afternoon, he broke out in a small rash. By this morning, it covered his entire body, and he was soooo itchy, and he just didn't feel well at all. I called his pediatrician and ended up speaking to an on-call doctor who asked me to meet him at the hospital. After an exam, it was determined that he had scarlet fever, which was shocking to me because....people still GET scarlet fever??? Apparently so. After spending a few more hours at the hospital sitting in the ER, getting lab work done, etc., we were on our way home. Poor boy has had a rough few weeks. Here's hoping that after this round of antibiotics, we will have a healthy spring.


Nicky said...

Oh no! Poor wee man! He's had a rough time lately. Hope he's back on form soon and giving that monkey a run for his money!

Margaret said...

We see several kids a year with it. Basically it's strep throat gone wrong. Glad he's feeling better and gets back on his feet!

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