Saturday, December 04, 2010

Saturday Pictures

The boys, posing with the gingerbread house they made with Nana. A more accurate description might be 'the boys posing with the gingerbread house their Nana made while they supervised'

Random shot by Griffin. Right after he took this photo, he wandered off with my camera and "misplaced" it. I'm happy to report that it turned up after a massive search effort was executed. Little stinker.

I think the boys were playing "Titanic" in this shot. I like the clip-on neckties with their t-shirts. Fancy.

And finally, a super-creepy shot of Riley, playing dress-ups with the boys. He yawned right as I snapped the picture.


Linda Schick said...

Sgt. Riley, on duty! That picture cracks me up! Love all the photos, as usual. And kids losing things, I know all about that! Although my kids don't have cell phones, much to their chagrin (but somehow they've managed to survive--amazing!), my daughter loves to use mine and is constantly "misplacing" it . . .

Heather said...

Poor Riley - - he lets those two boys do whatever the heck they want to him. He's a good sport, that's for sure!

Nicky said...

Love the photo of Riley! What an adorable pooch. And I love the gingerbread house too - so cute. I bet the boys loved "making" that! Your mum is clearly very talented!

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