Friday, April 09, 2010

My Latest Obsession

You know how you look something up on the Internet, and somehow it leads you to another website or blog, and then to another, and at some point you can no longer remember how you stumbled upon something? Well, that happened to me last week. I think I was doing a little camping research for our upcoming camping trip in May, when I happened upon the neatest blog called The Beehive Cottage. It is chock-full of all kinds of vintage goodness, lovely pictures, and things that I love. The item that really caught my eye though was MaryJane's vintage trailer...oh my goodness, I love it!!

Photo from The Beehive Cottage

Please pay her blog a visit and check out the many posts about her trailer. Of course, now I am OBSESSED with vintage trailers, and more specifically, Sisters on the Fly. I would like nothing more than to find myself a fabulous 12' trailer and start joining in on the adventures. I found a neat website called Tin Can Tourist and have spent more time than I care to admit, looking at the classified ads for all of the beautiful restored trailers. So now, I just have to save my pennies, and maybe someday I will have my own little home-away-from-home!


Kate said...

These are awesome! Maybe they will help me find an RV so we can chuck it all and travel. I would be happy to have one of these little campers parked in my driveway and I would have the only key.

Heather said...

Kate I just found the perfect 1952 12' camper on Craigslist about 30 mi. from where I live, for $600...oh how I wish I had $600 to blow right now!

Cheryl said...

What a cute little camper!! I could see myself towing that baby down the highway behind the Jeep.

Margaret said...

What a wonderful site that is! Love looking at all the campers, sounds like they also have a blast!!

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