Thursday, January 28, 2010

Miracle in a Tiny Jar

Where have you been all my life ?
(or, the last five years at least...)
Seriously, the best foundation. Ever. That is, if you are foundation-wearing kind of girl. This is the stuff that Ellen DeGeneres hocks. I bought this the other day because I love that Ellen is a Cover Girl, and I love Ellen (those Cover Girl Execs really do know what they are doing!). Oh, and I'm getting old. At this point in my life I really need a good foundation, but can't stand picking out stuff like that. So I bought this on a whim the other day because of Ellen. So glad I did. I might have to start hoarding it in case they ever decide to discontinue it.


Mum said...

Told ya!

Heather said...

Love it. Unfortunately, I made the mistake last year of spending 3x as much on some MAC foundation and it was awful! I did find a couple of things that I liked at MAC, but after trying their foundation and long-wearing lipstick, I am back to Cover Girl and Revlon. It is so true that you have to stick with what works. Just because something costs more does not mean it is better!

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