Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Beautiful McCall

While my parents were here over the holidays, Steve and I managed to escape for an overnight in McCall, Idaho. McCall is North of Boise and a beautiful drive. We hadn't been to McCall in about six years, so we were both really excited to head out. McCall reminds me of Maine in a lot of ways - - the landscape is much different than where we live. It is a resort town, situated on a lake, and near a ski hill, so it is a popular vacation spot.


Steve, humoring my foolishness along the way

Dinner (and beer) at the McCall Brew Pub

The lovely Hotel McCall - - I'd always wanted to stay here and am so glad we finally did!

The next morning, Steve got right up and went cross-country skiing. I opted to walk around town in the snow, take pictures, sip a delicious mocha from the Fogglifter Cafe, and soak in the jetted spa tub. I took a picture of this little bench at the Hotel because I want one just like it. Anyone want to build me one?

We then enjoyed a lovely lunch at Ruperts, and then headed over to the McCall Community Congregational Church, to see our friends Dennis and Tanya get married. The perfect end to a perfect getaway.


Cheryl said...

How wonderful that you were able to have a nice get-a-way! Looks like a neat place to visit.

Heather said...

It really is a great place to visit, Cheryl. We are trying to rent a place up there for Memorial Day Weekend right now...

Jenn said...

It does look a lot like Maine Heather!

Good for you for getting away! Tony and I need to but I hate to leave the little bugger!

Kate said...

Funny coincidence-Tim's uncle from England mailed us his family tree and it turns out he is descended from the McCall family. There is actually a notation on the genealogy that says some of them went to Idaho and founded McCall! So, in a way, you can thank my husbands family for your nice trip. Isn't that weird?

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