Friday, November 27, 2009

The Winner (and Thanksgiving Dinner)

I am so sorry in the delay of letting you know who won my "Random Acts of Kindness" giveaway! I didn't forget about it, but rather, haven't been near my computer much in the past 48 hours or so. This was my first completely unassisted turkey, so I was a little nutty. I think I had to call my parents 3 or 4 times for instruction. Alas, I'm happy to report that the bird was completely cooked, and it was nice and moist (thanks to the brine, I am sure!).
So, on Wednesday evening, I paid a visit to, which is a great tool to use if you have a giveaway on your blog. I went to the comments for the contest post, and removed all the comments that didn't say "done". You guys did a great job, I'm so happy that so many people participated, and some of you, repeatedly. Anyway, at 5:42 p.m. (Mountain Time), I entered in the parameters, and number 5 was the number generated, which means Jenn is my winner! Congratulations, Jenn! Please go to my profile and send me an email with your mailing address, and I will get your package off in the mail to you. I will edit this post later today to show you the loot that Jenn will be receiving, but I'm in my jammies at the moment and I'm going to stay right here in my recliner! You may know Jenn from my sidebar - - she has a blog about her life and her experiences with new motherhood that I enjoy reading. She also happens to be my cousin, or more accurately, my second cousin (her mother is my cousin, Susie). I have many wonderful cousins, but growing up, I was particularly fond of my Boothbay cousins. My brother and I loved to play with Margaret and Janet - - we were all very close in age - - and I just loved it when Alan would come to our house for a visit. I was particularly infatuated with Susie and Cheryl, though. Their weddings were the first weddings I remember attending, and when they each started having children, I was obsessed with babysitting. Not quite old enough to do so, but I wanted to so badly! Imagine my thrill, a few years later, when Susie had me come down to her house to spend the night and watch Jenn, Kristi, and Trent for her. It remains one of my earliest and best babysitting memories.
I would love to ask those of you who participated, to share your random acts with me, if you feel comfortable doing so. I will keep them anonymous in the post - - just sort of a bullet-point list of the little things that can make another person's day - - I figure we can all use some inspiration! So, if you'd like to share, just go to my profile and send me an email with a brief description of your experience(s). I'll be sharing some of mine, too.
We had a lovely day here yesterday! Today, I will begin sorting through the leftovers and coming up with a plan of attack. I see some turkey pot pie in our future. Okay, I see a lot of turkey dishes in our future. We were lucky to have Steve's parents, Rex and Kasey, and our nephew Banzer here for the day, and we had a great time. Steve's folks have been here for the past three months, but will be heading back to Maine this morning.
Thanks again for participating in my challenge!


Cheryl said...

Sounds as if you all had a wonderful family Thanksgiving. How big was the turkey?? I had enough to make plates for Mom and Courtney to take home (everyone else at dinner had had another dinner earlier in the day!)and just enough to have dinner tonight. So enjoyed your sharing of your cousins memories! I have a photo of you holding Courtney when he was just a few months old, you were smiling ear to ear! I so enjoyed the contest you had and it has convinced me to try even harder to do such things. So thank you! Congrats to Jenn.

Jenn said...

I won!? Wahoo! I had to check the link to make sure it wasn't another Jenn :) That is so exciting! Thanks for the tip on how to draw a winner because one of my cousins is making a piece of jewelry (she designs and sells them) and it will be a contest give-away on my blog (first one!) so that will be helpful.

Thanks Cheryl...what a good sport...I know we all wanted to win because Heather has some good give-aways! :)

Karen said...

Congrats to Jenn and thank you Heather for calling our attention to what should come naturally every day to us all! Looks like another fantastic Thanksgiving was had by us all - we went to my sister's house for the holiday and had a great time!

Margaret said...

Mum and I talk a lot about going to visit you guys and playing with Kev & Heath!! Mom has a great photo of Kevin and I. Gosh its been so every since I've seen him. I remember him trying to teach me how to play chess, I was a failure of a student!! Hope you guys had a wonderful day!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Congrats Jenn! I found myself thinking about you and your challenge every day. Thank you for helping me take time out from the rush to think of others.

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