Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Recap

We had a wonderfully awesome much fun! The festivities kicked off on Friday, when I had the pleasure of helping out at Camden's school party. The kids paraded up and down the hallway in their costumes - - so happy that I was able to see that.
On Saturday night, Rex, Kasey, Banzer, Rod, and Candy came to our home for a little Halloween party before we headed out for trick-or-treating. Kasey and I sure had fun preparing ghoulish appetizers and treats for everyone. I'm already looking forward to next Halloween!


Cheryl said...

What handsome and adorable pirates you have. How neat you could visit Camden's classroom and share the fun. As for the food, ugh(!)..the guts and q-tips did me in! Sounds like a wonderful time for all.

Kate said...

The kids totally want to try the earwax.

Jean said...

Which one is Camden in the classroom picture, Heather?

Heather said...

Aunt Jean, Camden is the fourth one in from the right, standing. He was wearing his pirate costume, only without the wig or makeup.

Kate I didn't think anyone would eat the q-tips, but they did!

Thanks, Cheryl! I had fun at Cam's class party. Oh, and the guts looked gross, but was hard to stay out of...popcorn, marshmallow creme, cashews, m&m's...a sticky, gooey mess!

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