Thursday, February 28, 2013

Facebook Killed My Blog

It finally dawned on me the other day that Facebook killed my blog. I am constantly wondering why I don't write here like I use to, and I really think that is a big reason why. Facebook is quick, easy, and convenient, while sitting down to organize my thoughts isn't. Also, when I post something to Facebook, I feel silly coming here and talking about the same thing.

The thing is, I started this blog for myself, a long time ago, before Griffin was even born. It was a great way for me to keep track of memories. I love to look back on old posts I wrote - - a lot of it I already have forgotten about.

I have been feeling really conflicted about Facebook lately. I am pretty sure I won't be deleting my account, but I am going to be making a concerted effort to spend less time there. I think as a stay-at-home mom, it has been an easy way for me to feel "connected" to the outside world, especially when the days get long and the weather makes life isolating. But, how connected are we really, on Facebook? I love seeing pictures that people post, and there are definitely certain people who always make me laugh. That part makes me happy. However, sometimes it all feels like a downer for a whole bunch of reasons. It has been feeling like that a lot lately.

I have missed a whole bunch of milestones over the past few record of them because I didn't take the time to sit down here and write about them. So, less Facebooking, more Blogging.


Kate D. said...

Facebook is wonderful for keeping in touch but it does suck up a lot of time and energy. We all would love more blogging. I need a post on Bunny.

Emily said...

Three cheers for more blogging! (I"m with you re: the Facebook concerns, however.)

Lisa said...

I agree! More blogging sounds great! :)

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