Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rosette Cake

It recently dawned on me that it has been approximately 21 years since I took Wilton cake decorating classes. I use to sell a lot of cakes back then, but haven't done any, except for family, in recent years. Times and styles have changed quite a bit, so I figured that now was as good a time as any to try and teach myself some new methods. One of my favorite types of cakes that I have been seeing a lot of are rosette cakes. I love to look at all the different kinds on Pinterest. I am particularly fond of this Neapolitan version, from I am Baker:
In the recent issue of Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate magazine, there was a recipe and a tutorial for a rosette cake, so I decided to give it a try.  
 For the cake, I used a Pillsbury triple fudge cake mix. I have absolutely no problem with cake mixes. Personally, I think they taste better than scratch cakes. In my experience, I have had a very difficult time finding a scratch recipe that produces a moist cake, while mixes are always moist. In between each layer is Smucker's hot fudge sauce. Once it is assembled, it goes in the freezer for an hour.
Next comes a thin layer of butter cream. I tinted mine blue, because the boys told me to.
The rest is easy-peasy. All you need is a pastry bag (I love Wilton disposable bags) and a large star tip. Then, you just cover the whole cake in spirals. I had to fill in a few holes here and there, but mostly it came out fine. I love the end result! I definitely need to practice a few more times before I would consider selling one. I love how many variations there are on this type of cake.  
I was hoping to get a good picture of the inside of the cake, but my lighting was a bit off, and it appears I smashed the cake on the left side. With this particular recipe, I loved the hot fudge between the layers. So good!


Kate D. said...

I want one! You need to open a shop! A woman here in Portland sells cakes and cupcakes out of her glamper. She just parks it and people buy them up. Glad to see you back!

Linda S. said...

Heather, this looks and sounds SO yummy!! I also adore your cake stand--another thrift shop find?

Heather said...

Kate, we could take my earnings (and the glamper)and fund ourselves a trip through Laura Ingalls Wilder country! :)

Linda, I think I got that cake stand at Marshall's a few years back. It doesn't get a lot of use with three boys in the house, but I LOVE it!

Roberta said...

This is great, Heather! You will have to teach me how to do it when we're out again. I am too chicken (sorry Butterscotch, Nan, and Stella) to attempt new designs, but I must! This design would make a cool wedding cake.

Heather said...

I have seen some really neat wedding cakes done in rosettes - - each tier being a lighter shade of the bottom tier (it is called "ombre"). Yes, we will have to practice when you get here!

Emily said...

This looks just great. I'm a bit jealous, really! I have a colleague who also knows how to decorate cakes. It looks like so much fun. I'm not sure that I would have much use... but maybe I could FIND a use or 2! Keep it up and keep the pics coming!

Heather said...

Emily, there are so many cute (and easy) ideas out there nowadays - - I love finding simple ways to decorate a plain cake to make it unique.

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