Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Titanic Week

This is a big week for our resident Titanic expert, for it is the centennial of the sinking of Titanic. I don't remember exactly how Camden became interested in Titanic, but his passion for it has never wavered. Over the past few years, he has amassed quite the collection of books and documentaries, and they are among his most treasured possessions. To mark the occasion, we are having a dinner on Saturday evening, using recipes from the actual ship, and food that was served on the night the great ocean liner sank.

I found the cookbook on Amazon, and it was chock-full of all kinds of details I never knew about the ship. My plan is to make a dish or two from each class menu (the first-class menu is an eleven-course meal, and I can assure you, I won't be doing that!). I think I expected to find porridge listed as the third-class dinner, when in fact, they dined quite nicely by today's standards. Camden plans to make a speech and say a special prayer, and I think it is going to be a lovely evening.
I might just be biased, but to know Camden is to love him. He is a precious boy with an imagination that knows no bounds, and that just might be my favorite character trait of his. I love being able to share in his interests, and he has so many of them, so life is certainly never boring around these parts.


Emily said...

You're great, Heather! So wonderful of you to have a Titanic celebration. I hope that you take pics so that we can enjoy with you! said...

WE thought of Camden every time we heard things about the titanic through the week. He is so amazing and I can't believe how grown up he is! We need to get together. Maybe when summer hits things will slow down. (I can hope anyway) Thinking of you often!

Kate D. said...

We have got to get these boys together.

Heather said...

Emily, I will definitely be documenting the event! :)

Terri lets not wait until summer...I am sure we can squeeze in a visit somehow. Cam asks for the boys weekly, no joke.

Kate, Declan and Camden are so much alike is is almost bizarre.

Joy said...

Awesome! Are you guys going to see it in 3D in the big theater, too?

Nicky said...

Another great find! Heather, you are the master of finding things (Or the mistress!). It's so wonderful that Camden has this as a special interest - it's a special piece of historical interest that'll follow him forever. Cooking something from the menu will be so special for him, and your culinary expertise will just make the meals even more fantastic.

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