Monday, December 19, 2011


Well I have been without my computer for a week now. The battery has not died (yet), but unfortunately we are having a modem problem, that, oddly enough, only affects my laptop. Right now I am on Steve's work laptop, which is leaving with him to go to work for the week in about 5 minutes. Boo! So, if I am not responding to email very quickly, or blogging, or any of that fun stuff, it is because I am really bad at typing on my Smartphone. I miss my computer! I may even try to get the archaic desktop working.

This week is going to be busy. I will be working at the library this morning, followed by volunteering in Camden's class. Will be doing that again tomorrow, and then he is on Christmas vacation, yay! Griffin's vacation already began last week, so he is busy chomping at the bit, waiting for Santa to hurry up and get here already. Steve has five days off starting on Friday, so we are all looking forward to a nice, long holiday weekend. Hope you all are busy with Christmas preparations and enjoying this time!


Nicky said...

Oh what a bummer - technology is not being kind to you this year, Heather! Hope you manage to get the old desktop working so you at least have some connectivity with a computer! Ridiculous how much we miss it when we don't have it. It's a blessing and a curse. I remember the first time I ever investigated "the web". Didn't have a clue what it was all about. "What do you do with it?", I remember asking my friend, the computer guru! Now barely a day goes by without me using it as a resource for something.

Lovely to hear that your whole family will have the luxury of being together for the holiday, and that Steve has some time off. A far cry from this time last year for you all! Hope this week is fun, especially when you volunteer in Camden's class. I'm sure he'll be very proud to have you there!

Heather said...

Hi Nicky! You are right...what did we ever do before computers? Ha! While I miss it, I am getting a lot more done around here :)

Yes, we are very happy that we are all together this year. It is going to be great. Happy Holidays to you!

Emily said...

Heather - you need to dash out and get yourself an Acer netbook. Consumer Reports rates them as being very good and they cost $250-$300. (I know, I know...another few hundred dollars in mid-December!) You especially need to do this for me, because I love reading your blogs.

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