Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Kitchen Therapy

Butter makes everything better.

Oh goodness, my heart has been heavy these past few days. It seems my mind has been bogged down with worries that are fruitless, and situations that feel to be beyond my control. I do wish that I had that ability to look at something, place it into the appropriate compartment, and move on, but alas, I am not that good at it - - never have been. All I can do is keep trying, I suppose.

In the meantime, whenever I am feeling out-of-sorts, a bit of time in the kitchen is usually just what I need to feel like me again. I love to cook, and I love to feed people - - it makes me happy. So, this past Sunday morning, while all of my boys were otherwise occupied, I holed up in my yellow kitchen and turned a bunch of ingredients into food for my family. I made honey wheat bread. I made rosemary bread. I filled my crock pot, and set some beef stew simmering. Best of all? After ten years of marriage, I'm happy to report that I finally cracked the code to the perfect apple streusel pie, as declared by Steve on Sunday evening. The apples were soft, but not too soft. The pie sliced perfectly, with no runny mess left in the pie plate. Pie nirvana, I tell you.

Music is always an important part of a kitchen marathon. I am all over the place in that area - - I like a little bit of everything. Through the sifting, dicing, slicing, and kneading, I listened to Nora Jones, Jessie Colter, Margaret Whiting, Doris Day, Pink, Miranda Lambert, George Jones, and Justin Timberlake. See? All over the place.

When all was said and done, I felt like a huge burden had been lifted off my shoulders, somehow.

What do you do, when you need to reset your frame-of-mind?


Kate D. said...

I'm not sure whats upsetting you but pie helps everything. Are you going to post the recipe or is it a secret?

Heather said...

I will post it later this week. It's yummy.

Emily said...

The most helpful thing for re-setting my mind and emotions is talking to my husband. Very far on the list below these are: running, exercising the dog, playing the piano/singing, and teaching. But, the husband is the #1 cure all!

Joy said...

Well, Dutch Bros always helps reset my mind. As does sitting down to the sewing machine and whipping out a project (usually pillow cases) so I can get done with it and feel more complete when done. I also will play and sing choruses at the piano... and old stand by - read a good book! Cooking does wonders, too. :)

Hope you're okay, Heather. Hugs!!!

Nicky said...

Hope your mind has been set a little more free by now Heather! I know how it feels when something just won't budge from your thoughts and seems to take over. Sounds like your baking addiction is the perfect distraction though. Your pie sounded delicious, and Steve seems to have such fantastic taste that his vote seals the deal on that one, for sure!

Cheryl said...

Yum...sounds like a delicious receipe. I could go for a slice right about now...I try to get out for a walk when I am in need of some time to sort things out.

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