Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Silver Tray Kitchen Chalkboard

I saw this post over at My Romantic Home a while back, and have been wanting to make my own silver tray chalkboard ever since. I have also been dying to try some chalkboard paint for the longest time, so it was a perfect project for me to attempt. I've only ever seen chalkboard paint in little cans, but found it in a spray at WalMart one day.

It costs a bit more than a standard can of spray paint - - I want to say it was somewhere around $6.87. I figured I could get multiple projects out of it, so it was worth it.

Next, I needed a tray. I see lots of silver serving trays at thrift stores, but it isn't often that you fine one that doesn't have some type of engraving on it. You really have to look. One day, I found the perfect, albeit beat-up, tray at my local thrift store for $2.50. It appears that someone may have used a harsh cleaner of some sort on it, but I knew it would still work for my project. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a "before" picture - - I could kick myself for all of the projects I've done where I've failed to take a "before" picture! Anyway, I washed the tray and let it dry thoroughly. Then, I used painter's tape to tape off the area that I wanted to spray paint. I tucked saran wrap under the tape to cover the portions of the tray that I didn't want painted - - if that makes any sense (see? It would have been much simpler if I'd taken pictures!). Next, I applied an even coat of the paint. It goes on super nice, and dries in no time. To be sure I had good coverage, I added an additional coat, and let it dry over night.

Then, I added a tulle bow to hang it, and my project was complete. I use mine to write what I'm making for dinner each night, but it is just a neat little chalkboard for your kitchen that you can use for anything. Final cost: approximately $3.50. That's a bargain!

I really have to restrain myself from spraying random objects with the chalkboard paint. I'd love to do a little table top for the boys, or maybe an area on their bedroom wall.


Susan said...

Heather, how clever.

Lee said...

Soooo cool! I want to try that. You inspire me so much Heather!

Cheryl said...

That is so neat. What a great idea. I bet an area on the boys bedroom wall would be great! Just checked out the cake! 5 star!

Kate said...

I love this! I want this! Either thrift stores in Maine aren't as good as Idaho's or I'm not checking out the right ones. I am always looking at the chalkboard paint too. Add this to the list of projects I need to try.

Karen said...

When we redid our kitchen we had 2 chalkboards done - one big one and a smaller one! Love them...and Tom had connections and got pieces of the Boothbay Region HS gym floor prior to 2002 that he made chalk railings out of! It saves on paper and we can easliy write anything on it!

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