Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I seem to have a small obsession with dinnerware. I love it and would have a zillion different patterns, if only I had somewhere to put it all. I especially love it when I come across a great treasure at the thrift store, such as the Limoges dinner plates I recently found (6 plates for 50 cents a piece!) and snatched right up. I love to think about how maybe they belonged to somebody who treasured them for years and years.

Recently, when my in-laws arrived in Idaho for an extended visit, my mother sent out a box filled with the dinner plates we used when I was growing up. They were my mom's "every day" dinnerware, and they are the "Serenade" pattern by Sheffield. Many of them did not survive the years of use, followed by years of storage, but as luck would have it, there were four perfect dinner plates. I used them last night for the first time, and I loved setting my table with them.

It was so neat to serve dinner to my family, using my mom's plates...I'm so happy to have them. So, thank you, Mum - - you are the best (I'll give you an extra hug for them, on Friday!).
For dinner? Chicken quesadillas on homemade whole wheat tortillas - - I've had to be quite creative this week as I try to use up everything in my fridge, before we head off on vacation. If you haven't yet made tortillas, do give it a try. You'll never buy a bag of them at the store again.

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Cheryl said...

Beautiful dinnerware. How special to have your family dinnerware! A treasure for sure.

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