Monday, June 29, 2009

Birthday Boy

Lots to post about, lots of new pictures...lets spread it out over a few days, shall we?

Camden turned 6 on June 19th. I'm really not sure how that is even possible. I think my heart breaks a little bit, each time he grows another inch. No matter - - he could be 6'5" and he will still always be my baby.
I had the "birthday table" waiting for Camden when he woke up, and you'd better believe he zeroed in on the cupcake pretty fast. I think it was in his belly before 7:00 a.m. We had fun looking through his baby album together, and I told him all about the day he was born. Every time we'd turn a page, Griffin would point to a random picture and say, "Is that me?"

I couldn't get a great picture of this, but I made a fun little birthday banner to hang over the fire place, using a picture from the day he was born, and each of his birthdays. I think I'll just change the number and add another birthday picture to it next year!

Camden's birthday happened to coincide with the annual Cherry Festival, so Steve took the afternoon off, and we all headed to the park to enjoy the rides.

Back home that night for some birthday cake. Since Cherry Festival is a pretty busy time in these parts, we decided to hold off on the birthday party until this past weekend.

As you can probably guess, Camden's party theme of choice was "Titanic". He was pretty specific about what he wanted for a cake, and so I spend quite a bit of time distressing over how the heck I was going to make a Titanic out of cake and fondant, but in the end it turned out just fine.

The iceberg was sort of an afterthought, but think Camden liked that as much as he liked the ship!
Fondant is really very easy to learn how to use, and I am amazed at how many things you can do with it. I can't wait to try another cake with it, soon.

Camden had a great time with his friends, and both the boys were good and tired that evening. I think Camden was pleased to have converted some more people into Titanic fans, too.


Jean said...

Have you ever watched the "Ace of Cakes'? I think you could get a job decorating unique cakes for them...except they're based in Baltimore, I think. Anyway, the cake's great and your oldest son obviously had a wonderful sixth birthday.

Cheryl and Ashton said...

What happy birthdays you create for your boys! Like the birthday table idea, how much the boys must look forward to seeing that on their birthday. The banner was a wonderful idea and definitely continue it each year. And the cake-WOW! Looks like a great time at the Cherry Festival, great shot of you on the slide.

kirsten said...

you are so clever! I had to bring my husband over to the computer to show him your Titanic cake! I think you get the "cool mom" award!

Lisa said...

I love the birthday banner idea!! And I know I said it on FB but that cake is just amazing! You are super talented!!!

Melissa said...

I can't say it enough - you are so CREATIVE! I love it!!

The cake is rank right up there with the Cake Boss in my book. :)

Joy said...

What a great party, indeed!!!!

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