Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Making Our Way

We had an afternoon shower yesterday, and I heard Camden yelling to me that there was a rainbow in the sky. I think it was the brightest rainbow I've ever seen, and it was actually a double rainbow ~ if you look up above the bright one, you can just see the second one. Just as soon as they appeared, they were gone, but not before I snapped a few pictures.

We've been busy the past week, fighting off a nasty cold. Luckily, the little boys haven't gotten it too badly, but Steve has had it the worst. I was sick most of the weekend, but I think I am finally on the mend. I can't stand feeling like I just want to lay around all day - - it makes me nutty. So, I am happy to be back into my regular routine for the most part.

Steve is away for the next couple of weeks at a "simulated war exercise" ~ he's here in Idaho but is staying on base since he is working some really crazy hours during this. He called yesterday morning to say he thought he'd have a bit of free time later that day, so I got busy whipping up a bunch of food for him, picked Camden up at school, and we headed to Boise for a quick visit.
Here are my boys, playing "fort" under the conference table in Steve's office. Despite being tired, preoccupied, and stressed out, Steve didn't hesitate to humor his boys. He's good like that.

I made a carrot tea cake for our dessert ~ you can find the recipe in the most recent issue of Everyday Food Magazine. It produced a moist, spicy, delicious cake, and the recipe is definitely a keeper.

After lunch was finished, it was time for Steve to head back to work, and for the three of us to head back home.
I have Story Time this morning, so Griffin and I need to get this show on the road and get on over to the library.


Mark said...

beautiful rainbow! we get them that pretty in texas too! Great photo!

Mum said...

Oh! Isee Daddy has a Titanic drawing on his office bulletin board! I'm not surprised!

Cheryl and Ashton said...

What a cheerful photo, especially as I sit here staring at snow! Nice fort for the "boys".

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